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Technical Account Manager

Free of charge – expert, long-term, one-to-one support from your personal TAM.

PEER 1 Hosting's Technical Account Manager (TAM) program is designed to meet the demanding support requirements of customers with complex or especially large configurations, or who are using specialised additional managed services. PEER 1 Hosting has an unparalleled reputation for delivering great customer support. Running a world-class support organization has taught us that some customer infrastructures require not only knowledge, skill and responsiveness, but a consistency and stability of support on a long-term basis.

Such complex hosting configurations require an intimate, detailed and historical technical knowledge, not just of infrastructures in general but of the specific system employed by the individual customer - a knowledge of its evolution, set-up and performance.

Such knowledge is invaluable if there are plans to redesign the system or to increase network and server loads. And it's absolutely vital when support is needed.

PEER 1 Hosting's TAM program addresses this need.

How it Works 

TAMs are assigned to a small number of customers and are matched to an account on a four-point basis:

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  1. Time Zones. We'll ensure your TAM's business hours overlap with yours, no matter where you are in the world.
  2. Operating System. We'll assign either a Windows or Linux expert.
  3. Expertise. We'll meet your need with the right TAM skills, experience and knowledge.
  4. Experience. Your TAM will know every detail of your hosting infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

A Single, Hands-On Technical Guru

Our TAM program is provided free of charge and creates an intimate technological relationship between you and a single TAM team member. That same TAM is always assigned to your account.

This creates a single technical resource with a deep and complete understanding of your configuration, network, product mix and more. In other words, your TAM becomes a trusted resource for your server administration team.

As we begin to understand your specific needs, technologies and objectives, we'll decide whether your infrastructure needs the experience of a TAM. If it does, we'll automatically enable the program for you at no additional charge.

Always Ready

When you call your TAM, you don't have to provide background or history. You'll be talking to someone who knows all about your network, your servers and your entire infrastructure (often because he or she helped you to set it up).

Advice and Guidance

Your TAM will become a key contributor to the technology initiatives you're planning or executing. When you set about planning a new initiative - a new marketing program or enterprise application launch, for instance - your TAM will help you plan and prepare to ensure that your infrastructure will support it.

Easy to Contact

A direct 800 number connects you to your TAM. If he/she is unavailable, the call will be routed to another TAM, who will provide interim support.

Who Qualifies?

TAM is not a commercial PEER 1 Hosting offering. Neither is it intended to be a ‘platinum support’ program as there's no need for one: Our FirstCall Promise ™ is itself a premium support package. Rather, the TAM program is intended for customers with especially complex configurations or who are using highly additional, specialised managed services.