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The PEER 1 Hosting Story

In 1999, two maverick minds had a chance meeting in an elevator. Lance Tracey and Mark Teolis were both successful business leaders who found they shared a similar passion – a passion for the untapped power of the Internet.

And they believed that it was about to radically transform the business universe. They also believed that this power should be available to all businesses — large or small. In fact, Lance and Mark believed that the web could become the great equalizer, levelling the playing field and giving small- and medium-sized businesses the stage and tools they needed to compete against anyone.

This chance meeting sowed the seeds for PEER 1 Hosting. With equal parts passion, persistence, guts and belief, PEER 1 Hosting brought to the marketplace a refreshingly different attitude and approach. Far from the prevailing telco model of high costs, layers of bureaucracy and sluggish response time, PEER 1 Hosting offered a better option that focused on affordability, simplicity and unprecedented response time. Contracts were made uncomplicated and great employees were hired and empowered to make things right for the customer — right away. And the market responded. But access to the web was just the beginning for PEER 1 Hosting and our clients.

Responding to Today’s Business Needs

Today, business on the Internet has morphed way beyond its humble roots. From online commerce to sophisticated data applications, to gaming and online communities, the Internet has become a cornerstone of both ongoing business operations and personal lifestyles. But for many businesses, the increasing complexity of harnessing the web has led to frustration and missed opportunities. Too much time required, too few resources and not enough expertise are common challenges for many companies. How to handle hardware, support, security needs, backup strategies, firewalls and disaster recovery are all critical issues to be addressed and resolved. Outsource these challenges to PEER 1 Hosting and the headaches of the web are gone.

Reliable, Global Solutions for All

PEER 1 Hosting supplies a broad range of Internet infrastructure solutions to businesses all over the world. All delivered over the rock-solid and reliable FastFiber Network™. From startups to established businesses, PEER 1 Hosting provides highly scalable solutions that respond at Internet speed. From Colocation and Managed Hosting to Dedicated Servers and Cloud, PEER 1 Hosting can handle whatever our clients need.

Outsourcing to PEER 1 Hosting makes sense for the bottom line, too. The scope of our extensive client base provides the scale necessary to keep prices down and we pass along those savings to you. Our clients benefit from a far wider range of services at a fraction of the cost of traditional telco models or going it alone.

Our impressive growth and success are the result of our core principles - providing excellent value, keeping things fast and simple and understanding that our real benefit to our clients is our ability to take away the complexities and challenges of the web and enable them to focus on growing their business. Partnering with PEER 1 Hosting gives you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best. To focus on the possibilities of the Internet, not the problems.

Unbeatable Speed and Service

At PEER 1 Hosting, we service our clients from 16 state-of-the-art datacenters across North America and Europe using the industry's fastest and most reliable Internet network backed up by our 24x7x365 FirstCall Promise™.

Our geographic diversity is unparalleled in the industry and combines superior access with greater security. And everything is backed by our 100% Uptime Guarantee. For over 10,000 businesses, PEER 1 Hosting is their passport to the Internet, their go-to partner that makes eCommerce work, every day, every time  —  without the worries and without the stress.

Expert Employees You Can Rely Upon

None of this happens without the right people. Real people with uncommon spirit. From Vancouver to Miami; from New York to Los Angeles, PEER 1 Hosting employees are a special breed. We only hire the best and then we give our people the power to make decisions — decisions that will keep your business running smoothly.

We insist that staff think from a customer point of view and use their very best judgement to address a challenge, even if that means stepping outside the box and getting creative to solve problems. We simply roll up our sleeves and get it done. Whether that means having the skill and foresight to anticipate problems before they surface or jumping on a plane at a moment's notice to make things right, PEER 1 Hosting staff are committed to making it happen. We're truly passionate about service and we love helping our clients use the web to bring people and ideas together to change the future.

A Scalable, Dependable Partnership

Complacency does not exist in the PEER 1 Hosting vocabulary, so for us the future is a great, ongoing adventure — an opportunity to continue the exploration and discovery. We're committed to keeping on top of what's new on the web, how to make it work and keeping it all real for our clients. We'll continue to look for new opportunities to evolve and grow PEER 1 Hosting to provide the best options for our clients. And at each step of that journey we'll be working right beside our clients to help them manage their own evolving needs, offering a scalable partnership that will continue to provide solutions well into the future. You'll never outgrow us and that's one less thing to worry about.

In 1999 when PEER 1 Hosting began, no one could have predicted where the Internet was headed and the future will no doubt be just as uncertain — and exciting. But, no matter where that future takes us, we'll be there with the same enthusiasm and commitment we have today. And you can be sure that we'll never forget the maverick mindset that started it all and our commitment to simplicity, responsiveness and true partnership with our clients.

The playing field in business is now more level than ever thanks to the Internet and the pioneering spirit of companies like PEER 1 Hosting. And we'll continue to work hard to keep it that way.