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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At PEER 1 Hosting, we believe that the Internet is revolutionizing the world by changing the way people connect and live. This is why our clients are more than just companies: they're Dreamers, Disruptors, and Innovators, looking to harness the untapped power of the Internet to make their businesses hum and, often, to change the world for the better. They inspire us to do the same, which is why we run a corporate social responsibility program across the whole company.


An important part of making the world a better place to live includes taking care of the planet. This is why PEER 1 is committed to multiple sustainable initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint, including:

The greenest datacenter in the UK

Proudly, our Portsmouth datacenter is the "greenest datacenter in the UK." This is the first datacenter in the world to use the energy-efficient Excool cooling system, earning it a full capacity PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) of just 1.1. The system harnesses the natural cooling effect of air and water, using a super-efficient heat exchange system, low-energy fans and water atomizers to cool the servers. In fact, it consumes 95% less power than mechanical systems, accounting for just 4% of the building’s total energy consumption. This means we can dedicate more energy (91%) to supporting our IT systems while still running an extremely low-energy building.

Toronto: our smarter green facility

With a PUE between 1.3 and 1.4, our Toronto Pullman Datacenter has been engineered to lessen its impact on the power grid. To reduce the datacenter’s carbon footprint, the chiller plant has been optimized with heat exchangers that enable the isolation of the chillers in cooler months. This provides the ability to utilize the cold Canadian outdoor air to keep the datacenter cool, rather than relying on energy-intensive mechanical chillers. That’s what we call “free cooling!” Furthermore, a white-membrane roof reflects heat away from the facility to further lessen energy consumption required for facility cooling thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to recycling

At PEER 1, we believe in the 3 Rs—Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle—when it comes to our electronics such as servers, drives, cables and RAM. As data security is of the upmost importance to us, our first step is to thoroughly wipe all the data from these devices. Then, we try to either reuse or repurpose the equipment internally. If that’s not possible, we dispose of it responsibly with the help of our North American and United Kingdom asset recovery partners—companies that resell or repurpose the used equipment. Finally, when the equipment has reached its end of life, we recycle the electronics.

Social Commitment

At PEER 1, every interaction matters. This does not only apply to our customers, but also to our partners and our communities. This is why we encourage our staff to get involved. Each year, our employees are given two paid days off of work to volunteer in their communities. This can range from getting a group together and volunteering at the local food bank to raising money for charity and running a marathon. For our peers our corporate social responsibility program is an opportunity to stimulate meaningful connections and interact in the larger community and for our company it’s an opportunity to continue delivering the most human experience possible.

In our offices around the world, our staff has taken this initiative to heart. Here are a few of the things our peers have accomplished so far in 2013. We’ve:

  • skydived to raise money for kidney research
  • cycled 100 miles to raise money for a hospice for adults with terminal illnesses
  • volunteered at local animal shelters
  • organized a backpack drive to help underprivileged kids start off the school year on the right foot
  • painted and gardened a local children’s hospice to prepare them for a royal visit
  • climbed the three highest peaks in the UK to raise money for research into sudden infant deaths
  • volunteered at the local YWCA to harvest produce grown in their urban garden