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Website & Mobile Application Hosting

The right infrastructure, contract lengths and scalability for hosting web and mobile campaigns.

No matter how advanced your website or mobile app may be, it is irrelevant if your end users can’t experience it the way you intended. Your apps and websites have to stay online and load quickly, especially now that mobile devices are challenging and changing marketing, sales and overall delivery models. Yet as basic and logical as that sounds, mobile hosting still proves to be a challenge for organizations of all sizes.

An even larger challenge for businesses that develop websites and apps is finding a hosting provider that understands the nature of their business. You want flexible, short-term contracts and hosting environments that reflect the natural lifespans of your website and app – not fixed one- or two-year contracts that force you and your customers to over- or under-purchase hosting resources.

From the outset, we help you to map out your hardware and infrastructure needs against the expected lifecycle phases and marketing plans of your creation. Whether it’s a three-month microsite or a mobile app with an infinite lifespan, you get the managed hosting resources that are the right fit at any point in time. Nothing more and nothing less – that’s what you need, so that’s what we do.

Features and Benefits

We have a huge arsenal of additional blog, web and mobile hosting services, some of which are free, that can help you to hone your performance further and protect your clients and your business.

Our FastFiber Network™

Our wholly owned 16 global datacenters and 20 points of presence (PoPs) are connected by our proprietary 10GB/s network which is monitored relentlessly by experts in our Network Operations Center (NOC). It is not only fast, it’s also smart – proactively rerouting traffic to avoid the latencies, slow page loads and downtime that will plague your competitors’ sites and applications.

Load Faster Free with AnyCast DNS™

Our intricate Domain Name System (DNS) service hosts your domain name on a fail-safe, fully redundant, distributed environment, giving you faster performance, tighter security and a 100% network uptime guarantee over the Internet.

Free RapidEdge CDN™ Performance Upgrade

We cache your content on servers spread over 16 datacenters in two continents so that it resides closer to your customers, resulting in greater overall load time and site performance, as well as seamless usability for your end users. We provide this free.

Quick Data Recovery with Storage Area Network (SAN) Backup

Our managed backup solution not only reduces your risk of data loss, it also restores your data 15 times faster than most tape backup services. So there is minimal disruption to your sites and apps should a natural or man-made disaster affect your hosted environment.