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SaaS Website Hosting

The infrastructure and the peace of mind that your applications and your customers deserve.

When it comes to Software as a Service (SaaS) websites and apps, the hosting architecture and the support behind it are key. They play a significant role in how your app performs online. Performance alone can differentiate your app as your customers’ online experience largely determines the success of your product.

Whether you are a seasoned Software as a Service provider or an independent software vendor (ISV) making the move to an Internet distribution model, downtime, latency and non-responsive or lacklustre technical support are non-negotiable. They are SaaS killers.

Because some of our largest customers started as small SaaS ventures, PEER 1 Hosting has focused on understanding the architecture and support needs of the industry. Finding smarter, more reliable and faster methods for delivering apps via the web has become second nature for us. Which is why our proprietary 10Gbps FastFiber Network™ and 16 global datacenters – and all the experts overseeing them – are so critical to what matters most: your end users experiencing your SaaS application the way you intended.

With PEER 1 Hosting your SaaS hosting infrastructure is no longer a worry. Instead, it becomes a competitive differentiator.


Features and Benefits

Our FastFiber Network

Our fully owned 16 global data centers and 19 points of presence (PoPs) are connected by our proprietary 10Gbps network which is monitored relentlessly by experts in our Network Operations Centre (NOC). It is not only fast, it’s also smart – proactively rerouting traffic to avoid the latencies, slow page loads and downtime that will plague your competitors’ applications.

Customizable Mission-Critical SaaS SLAs

Our high-level VitalSites™ service level agreement (SLA) allows our SaaS customers to set the standards that they expect PEER 1 Hosting to deliver, based on what they believe is most important to the delivery of their application.

Smooth Performance Scaling

The ability to scale a SaaS environment is a key requirement of any SaaS provider – and, therefore, its hosting partner. PEER 1 Hosting offers a full suite of performance services to make scaling as painless and unobtrusive as possible, from AnyCast DNS™ to Global Load Balancing.

Flexible Storage Options

With SaaS success comes growth and that calls for more complex storage strategies and solutions. PEER 1 Hosting offers various onsite, offsite and even mixed options, so that you just have to determine your recovery point, recovery time and the criticality of your data.

Pre-Configured SaaS Platforms

PEER 1 Hosting has already launched a specialist Magento® SaaS platform, with more pre-configured platforms to follow.