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76% of eCommerce Decision Makers Believe Website Experience Directly Impacts Public Brand Perception

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Findings Point to the Importance of Making the eCommerce Experience More User-Centric

Vancouver, British Columbia – February 26, 2014 – A new survey of 300 eCommerce decision makers in the U.S., UK and Canada, commissioned by web infrastructure and cloud hosting provider PEER 1 Hosting, reveals that 76 percent believe customers’ perceptions of their brand are directly impacted by the quality of user experience on their eCommerce website. As a result, 33 percent of those surveyed plan to invest significantly in the overall design of their eCommerce sites, and 29 percent in improving overall user experience, to achieve higher online conversion rates in 2014.

Additionally, PEER 1 asked decision makers about the impact of key eCommerce investments during one of their busiest times of the year – the 2013 holiday season – which accounted for approximately two-fifths (65%) of their annual revenue, according to the survey results. Overall, 86 percent report excellent or good conversion rates during this timeframe, and 65 percent say conversion rates were higher during the 2013 holiday season than the previous holiday season. Nearly half (49 percent) credit this improvement to investments in overall website design.

Online retailers also attribute success during the 2013 holiday season to investments in user-centric website features and capabilities, including shopping cart and checkout functionality (36 percent), mobile device compatibility (35 percent), security (23 percent), load time improvements (21 percent) and SEO (21 percent). In their plans for 2014, respondents cite similar investments, with the addition of building out international capabilities (19 percent), which many plan to prioritize in the coming year.

“eCommerce brands around the world are realizing the impact of delivering a truly personalized experience for their customers and are investing in making their websites more user-centric,” said Robert Miggins, senior vice president of business development, PEER 1. “Not only does a high quality eCommerce experience boost a brand’s reputation, but as our research shows, it has a huge impact on website conversions and, ultimately, the bottom line. With more and more transactions happening online, e-retailers are likely to continue investing heavily in making every online interaction matter.”

“Delivering a user-centric eCommerce experience requires more than just good performance or device compatibility,” said Greg Segall, president of digital commerce agency One Pica, a PEER 1 partner. “It requires website customization that can rival the in-store experience. Therefore, many e-retailers are experimenting with web personalization features, such as those outlined in PEER 1’s survey, as well as new try-on, location-aware and 1-to-1 recommendation services. For all e-retailers, the trend continues to focus on breaking down the boundaries of online shopping, allowing retailers to develop a more personal relationship with their customers while also developing new revenue streams.”

PEER 1 believes that much can be accomplished when great people fuel amazing technology. PEER 1 helps global brands realize their potential and boost their performance online with optimized and wholly-scalable eCommerce infrastructure. Online retailers can rely on PEER 1’s robust PCI compliance, 10 Gbps FastFiber Network and a team of knowledgeable experts who will never settle for the status quo.

To review the survey findings in more detail, download them here.

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