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GeoSecure Data Backup

Geographic redundancy keeps your data safe even when disaster strikes your primary location.

Lightning, they say, doesn’t strike twice. Actually it does, occasionally. But only by an unbelievably unlikely coincidence could it strike in two geographically distant places simultaneously. And that’s the principle behind PEER 1 Hosting GeoSecure Backup: geographical redundancy.

Whatever disaster, natural or otherwise, may befall your primary datacenter, you can rest assured that your data and your websites and applications are backed up every 24 hours, safely out of harm’s way at another of our hosting centres. So your business can continue uninterrupted, as if nothing had happened.

To execute it might be technically complicated, but GeoSecure Backup is actually just common sense. Here’s how it works: one hour after we’ve completed the backup of your data and applications at your primary datacenter, your offsite backup commences. Your onsite files are copied then transferred over our FastFiber Network™ for storage at another of our geographically-remote datacenters.

Now your data is hundreds, if not thousands of miles away – and as safe as it possibly can be.

For a total ‘belt and braces’ solution we can restore that data to servers you provision inside the secondary datacenter. So in the event of a major incident affecting the primary centre, your sites and applications will keep humming along, hardly missing a beat.

Features and Benefits


Daily replication of your data means total peace of mind.

Unlimited FirstCall Support

One call guarantees instant action from our expert support team

FastFiber Network

Uniquely, we have run our wholly owned fibre backbone for ten years. Linking our 16 datacenters, it ensures the best performance for your infrastructure and the highest degree of security for your vital business data.

More Storage

50GB extra storage at the secondary site, provided as standard. Your current files are backed up, plus up to six previous versions.