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Agile Load Balancing

With online business growth comes increased server loads, which directly impact your online performance, availability and cost. And when servers become overloaded, your business revenue suffers because your user experience suffers. The common response to diminishing performance is a brute force solution – simply adding more servers that are dedicated to specific applications. But this quickly becomes a poor investment as some servers become overworked while other sit idle.

With Agile Load Balancing, PEER 1 Hosting extends a portfolio of Shared Load Balancers and Dedicated Load Balancers that delivers efficient and cost-effective ways to prevent server overload. By ensuring your traffic gets distributed to your least-used servers and maximizing your existing resources, load balancing leverages your existing hardware investment while adding capacity, scalability and peek performance. For the long-term, your total cost of ownership (TCO) decreases while your site performance and user satisfaction continue to increase.

Our Shared Load Balancers bring desired functionality at a reasonable price point to help you grow and compete against larger players.

Our Dedicated Load Balancers serve up the power, flexibility and reliability your growing business demands, including load balancing for SSL applications, and total flexibility and control over your single-tenant environment.

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