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RapidEdge Content Delivery Network™

Spread across multiple datacenters, your hop counts and page load times are reduced.

Even very small delays in page load time can result in substantial drops in time spent on a site and the resulting revenues and engagement. Around 80% of page load time is spent downloading images, style sheets and scripts. Accelerating this process has a huge and quantifiable impact on your overall site speed.

Our RapidEdge CDN caches copies of your files on multiple servers dispersed across our 16 datacenters across North America and Europe, so that the servers nearest to the site visitor respond to their requests. Your website’s or application’s performance is boosted because the files don’t have to travel unnecessarily long distances.

At no capital cost and in a matter of minutes, you can be up and running on our CDN. And your customers will instantly notice greater overall site performance and uninterrupted usability. Such a simple solution translates into a better experience on their end. And on your end, it translates into increased time spent on pages, more engaged visitors and potentially greater revenues.

Key Features

  • Multiple bandwidth plan options from 250GB to 10,000GB
  • Cache allotments in megabytes (footprints) included with each option
  • On-demand propagation
  • User-friendly online control panel
  • Cache nodes are placed at the edge of our FastFiber Network™, reducing hop count and end-to-end latency