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Network Operations Center (NOC)

One call and we’re on the case - your issue’s resolved in minutes.

Our First Call Promise™ guarantee means no ‘ticket takers’, no buck-passing – your query is dealt with right away, any time of day or night, by a highly qualified analyst. Should the issue demand further expertise, our escalation protocol feeds your issue through to a team of senior engineers within ten minutes. Our regular Network Operations Center (NOC) staffers are required to sit in on the case as part of their on-going training. Our proprietary monitoring software polls every aspect of the network every two seconds – as opposed to the industry standard of five minutes. Most issues are resolved even before you call.

The NOC’s real-time traffic analyzer systems constantly check the traffic everywhere on our FastFiber Network, and provide instant alerts should any anomalous traffic patterns occur. This sharpens our response to DOS attacks, for instance, and reduces the risk of collateral damage. It is this almost fanatical commitment to service standards that confirm PEER 1 Hosting’s Network Operations Center's reputation as a benchmark for the industry.

Features and Benefits

FirstCall Promise™

Your issue dealt with immediately.

Over a Decade of Experience

Experienced on-staff NOC analysts monitoring the network round-the-click.

Fast Resolution

Serious issues escalated up to senior network engineering teams within 10 minutes.

Employ Latest Best-Practices

Constant on-the-job learning to keep team members up-to-date on new technologies.

Persistent Health Monitoring 

Monitoring aggressively polls all network elements every two seconds.