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Defiant DDoS Shield

Defends against DDoS attacks more quickly and cost-effectively than any traditional firewall.

Preventing DDoS attacks is of paramount importance to any organization — e.g. banks, online retailers, the public sector — in which online continuity and the security of data are critical.

When an attack occurs, the first imperative is to stop it before your network incurs damage. The second is to get back online as quickly as possible. Our Defiant DDoS shield is designed to achieve both objectives with lightning efficiency.

A conventional firewall can stop some attacks but is not designed to repulse literally millions of packets of dirty DDoS traffic per second. To equip a network to cope with such massive assaults can be an expensive exercise in overkill. Meanwhile, the technology used by attackers is constantly evolving – demanding ever more time and investment from the victim.

PEER 1 Hosting’s Defiant DDoS Shield provides an ideal solution. It eliminates the need to invest in equipment and infrastructure that would only be used in an attack, and can slash the time it takes to get you back online from hours to minutes.

When you detect evidence of an attack, just notify our FirstCall Support™ team who will deploy the Defiant DDoS Shield. They divert the dirty traffic to the nearest Shield node where it is scrubbed and cleaned, then returned to the wire and delivered to your server.

Key Features

  • Our wholly-owned FastFiber Network™ and 1,500+ peering relationships ensure swift, complete mitigation
  • Top-performing partners, creating the best available infrastructure
  • Receive complete and regular traffic reports with clean and dirty traffic graphs
  • Streamlined provisioning process as our engineering team works with you to design and implement a configuration that matches your needs
  • Handles up to 4,000 mbps of total traffic
  • Handles up to 2 million packets per second
  • No charge for traffic mitigated by the Defiant DDoS Shield

How It Works