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What is Hybrid Hosting?

Many people wonder what is hybrid hosting and we thought it could be good to explain it in the way we provide it.

Hybrid Servers Delivers the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid combines the scalability and flexibility of virtual cloud servers with the security and performance of dedicated hosting. It emerged as a solution for organizations that needed increased flexibility for growth, yet wanted to keep their infrastructure investment to a minimum.

Key Uses for Hybrid Hosting

Business websites with unpredictable spikes in CPU and memory use, such as eCommerce websites, are especially well suited to hybrid. High-capacity cloud servers can ensure applications and other website features remain available without overloading the dedicated servers, even when traffic rises quickly.

Another common use is keeping costs to a minimum by balancing permanent workloads across dedicated servers, while temporary workloads are run in the cloud and incur costs only when they are actually operating.

True Native Hybrid Cloud

The Peer 1 On Demand Cloud PlatformTM extends this idea to its logical conclusion. Built as a Hybrid Cloud platform from the start, it enables customers to provision complex solutions for themselves through an easy-to-use control panel. Powerful back-end automation can then deliver both Virtual Cloud Servers and Bare Metal Cloud Servers almost instantly.

The main benefits are:

  • Ultimate business agility: provision only what you need, then scale server capacity up and down as required
  • Strong flexibility: wide selection of add-ons, including software, load balancing and firewall options
  • Easy to use: manage everything for yourself from a single, powerful control panel
  • Outstanding value: no setup costs, no capex, and pay only for what you use—to the nearest hour—enabling you to precisely match server costs and capacity with demand
  • Unrivalled performance: strong perimeter security, high performance networking between components, and a staggering 10Gbps onward connectivity
  • Reduce costs: Complex business IT needs can now be met within a single datacenter highly cost-effectively.