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Cutting-edge datacenters, a proprietary network and a global web of peering agreements.

Few hosting providers can boast their own fiber network and diverse footprint of datacenters. But PEER 1 Hosting can. Our 16 professionally equipped and managed datacenters across Europe and North America are linked by our wholly-owned 10Gbps FastFiber Network™, giving us complete control of routing and capacity, eliminating any possibility of congestion and greatly increasing our ability to deal with malicious attacks.

Our network allows us to connect to the world’s largest peering exchanges, increasing our reach, routing performance and traffic control. Basically, from your servers to your end users, we have created a system that makes sure your data flows nonstop.

Key Features

Cutting-edge Datacenters

Sixteen highly advanced datacenters across two continents put your environment closer to you and your end users.

Exclusive Network

Datacenters linked together by our unique, wholly-owned FastFiber Network™.

Rapid Response

Problems solved fast due to the guaranteed 'first call' response by our Network Operations Center (NOC) team.

Exemplary Peering

Over 500 network peering agreements give higher performance and reduced latency.

Free Peering Exchange Service

Enhance routing performance and cut costs with our bi-lateral PIX® peering service.

World-class Infrastructure

FastFiber Network™

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AnyCast DNS™

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Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our First Call Promise™ guarantee means no ‘ticket takers’, no…

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