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Managed GPU Servers

Managed GPU servers (graphical processing units) deliver maximum performance of your applications on a highly secure, lighting fast and reliable high-performance computing (HPC) platform. Outsourcing GPU servers makes sense in so many ways. It allows you to focus on what really matters while we manage the infrastructure. And it offers big financial advantages, by allowing you to shift your expenses from CapEx to OpEx, and eliminates the massive start-up costs. To find out more, chat with us now.

High Performance Computing Made Affordable

Running your own HPC environment is both challenging and expensive. The growing prevalence of Big Data means that many businesses face increasing demand for the processing power supplied by HPC infrastructure. But the cost of merely getting started, let alone supporting in-house GPU solutions is prohibitive. Then there’s ongoing management, scaling and upgrading. At the end of the day, most businesses find it difficult to justify. So what’s the alternative? PEER 1’s hosted GPU computing solutions are built to your requirements, delivering the power you need without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Our Managed GPU Servers?

PEER 1 Hosting’s HPC offering is based on NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU cards to deliver the ultimate professional grade HPC solution. Whether you have a consistently high volume of projects requiring HPC power or even just a short term project, we can help. Moreover, if you require a customizable supercomputing infrastructure with professional management, our HPC servers offer the ideal solution. And our managed hosting solutions let you specify additional services like load balancing and firewalls, advanced networking solutions and proprietary operating systems.

So when you host your applications on our managed GPU servers, you can stay focused on your data and let us supply and manage the HPC infrastructure. Our supercomputing solutions can deliver the infrastructure you need and let you get down to business fast, without the exorbitant expense and time associated with procuring, building, managing, scaling and upgrading.