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Disaster Recovery

Customizable disaster recovery solutions.

Disaster Recovery looks different for every business. What works for one organization does not necessarily address the pressing issues of another. You have to diligently assess the risks associated with downtime – especially revenue, lead generation and reputation and weigh them against the costs of implementing a DR strategy that meets your desired recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO and RTO). This is where the friction occurs and, more often than not, businesses are forced to severely compromise or abandon their DR solution for budgetary reasons.

  • US businesses lose over $12B per year because of data loss, with hardware or system failure accounting for 78% of all data loss.1
  • 93% of companies that lost their datacenter for 10+ days due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year.2
  • The cost of downtime is estimated at close to $90,000 per hour.2

PEER 1 Hosting allows you the freedom to pragmatically build and scale your DR solution component by component, rather than forcing you into an expensive and inflexible solution. At its core, your solution will be built upon a reliable and scalable infrastructure comprised of servers built on the Sandy Bridge chipset, our ultra-fast hot/Hot Bare Metal Recovery, globally diverse datacenters and our wholly owned 10Gbps FastFiber Network™. Starting from this solid foundation, our experts will help you find that balance between your recovery needs and your budgetary constraints.

1. Source: ADR Data Recovery study
2. Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington