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Database Administration Program

PEER 1 Hosting database engineers and architects can help tune your database to optimize performance enabling higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Pull Peak Power from your Database

Your network and servers hum, but still, your users wait for response. It's not the infrastructure that's introducing delays and stalls, affecting the end-user experience; it's the performance of your database. How well it's designed, how expertly it's optimized and tuned, and how carefully it's maintained are all critical factors in delivering quality user experiences.

It's a job for experts. It takes knowledge, expertise and time to get a database up and running at peak levels. PEER 1 Hosting provides that expertise through the Database Administration (DBA) program. We assign a seasoned Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database architect to work directly with you to pull out every possible performance improvement from your database. We'll improve database performance in a range of areas, including:

  • Database Engine Support Services
  • Database Administration Services
  • Database Clustering Services
  • Database Replication Services

Our Basic, Advanced, Clusters and Replication DBA Services are available at a nominal fee per server.

Design / Implementation


Advanced DBA

Clusters DBA

Replication DBA

Database Engine Support





Hardware design

Database engine installation

Database engine management and troubleshooting

Database engine patch management

Database engine monitoring

Database recovery/restore from backup/logs

Connectivity support


Database Administration





Database design

Database implementation

Database management and troubleshooting

Database security and vulnerability review

Database schema changes

Database user account management

Database performance tuning


Clustering Administration





Database cluster design

Database cluster implementation

Database cluster management and troubleshooting

Database cluster monitoring

Database cluster failover monitoring


Replication Administration





Replication design

Replication implementation

Replication management and troubleshooting

Replication and data integrity monitoring

Replication failover monitoring



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