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Rest assured, we take compliance as seriously as you do.

Online, it is no longer good enough to be conscientious – you have to prove that you are conscientious. This means conforming on an on-going basis to rigorous national and international standards relating to every aspect of information security. There are no half measures or good intentions – businesses either meet the strict criteria or they do not.

Implementing these highly detailed and enforced security standards in isolation is beyond the capabilities and resources of individual businesses. They must rely upon their hosting providers to conform on their behalf to the specifications and behaviours which are accepted by accredited authorities and governing bodies worldwide.

As a responsible and proactive representative of the hosting industry, PEER 1 Hosting complies rigidly with standards of SSAE 16, CSAE 3416, ISAE 3402 and Safe Harbor. These ensure that your business conforms to the highest standards mandated by industry and government authorities.