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Colocation Services

Add-on managed services  and technical support always have your IT department’s back.

IT departments know when they need additional long –term support for their colocation solutions. Other times they are taken unawares and need specialised technical expertise to jump in and help them for certain projects. Either way, our Colocation customers can call on our managed services and support to back them up.

One of the core benefits of hosting as a colocation customer with PEER 1 Hosting in the UK is that you are able to tap into our mission-critical add-on solutions. Managed services such as AnyCast™ DNS and Defiant DDoS Shield (content delivery network) come with our full support – but you only pay for the support that you need for that service. Yet you are still retain the control you want over your own servers and devices.

Similarly, we take pride in our RapidEdge CDN offering – which is essential if your platform is international or relies heavily on fast page-load times. 


AnyCast DNS

Many businesses might not consider this, but the real first experience your end…

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Port Monitoring

Our Port Monitoring Colocation service enables you to take direct control…

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Defiant DDoS Shield

Preventing DDoS attacks is of paramount importance to any organization –…

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RapidEdge CDN

When it comes to your web platform, speed matters. In fact, Google and Amazon…

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