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Cloud Storage is CloudOne

Storage so simple and logical, you'll wish you had more data.

Traditional cloud storage solutions can prove costly in terms of equipment and administration time. And their complexity and inelastic nature mean they can be resistant to smooth, responsive growth. Even worse, businesses can find themselves locked into storage solutions that become expensive dead-ends when they are outgrown.

PEER 1 Hosting's on-demand cloud storage offering: CloudOne Storage offers the ideal solution, delivering infinite scalability and no-maintenance storage at an extremely affordable price. Built on a utility-based pricing model, you turn our cloud storage on and off as you need it. And you only pay for what you use.

Combining infinite scalability with automated data placement, CloudOne Storage helps you deliver content and information services efficiently to anywhere in the world. And it makes it easy since there is no storage device provisioning and configuring on your end. And managing and interacting with your data -audio files, video files, documents and Flash files, etc. - via API or mount points is simple.

Features and Benefits

A Fast Proprietary Network Backbone

With over 25,000 miles of fiber connecting 16 Datacenters and 19 points of presence (PoPs), our FastFiber Network™ carries only PEER 1 Hosting traffic to keep data paths as uncluttered, fast and secure as possible.

Intelligent Automatic Load Balancing

CloudOne Storage alleviates workload hotspots and bottlenecks by performing automatic load balancing. Your objects remain accessible no matter what kind of traffic you or other CloudOne users are experiencing.

Advanced Cloud Security Features

Choose between replication or erasure-coding as your method of data protection - both of which ensure that your content is always secure and available.

File Level Security and Access Controls

Set specific storage and access policies for each object, including where to store the information, how many copies are stored and which protection techniques are employed.

An Ecosystem of Developers and Users Working Together

Our growing CloudOne Storage ecosystem can put you in touch with a wide range of application developers and applications that have been certified to run on the CloudOne Storage infrastructure.

Backed by Our FirstCall Promise™

CloudOne Storage customers only have to make one call to ensure a quick resolution to any problem. Our team of Level II and III system administrators is available every minute of every day to help.