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Choose your secure, scalable and easy-to-use cloud platforms.

You choose everything—your cloud infrastructure, needed resources and the level of support you need. You can even opt for one or multiple cloud solutions—public or private, or VMware or Xen hypervisors—all through one provider. Whether you're an enterprise organization wrestling with Shadow IT projects or a technology entrepreneur launching a web-based app requiring horizontal and vertical scaling, we have the cloud you've been searching for.

Our Services

On Demand Cloud Platform™

On Demand Cloud Platform™

Business agility where the power’s in your hands. Scale capacity up and down to meet demand, and pay only for what you use. Find Out More »
Managed Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud

VMware™ makes your managed configuration all the more agile. Find Out More »
Mission Critical Cloud

Mission Critical Cloud

Enterprise-ready resource orchestration, high availability disaster recovery and security all controlled through a single-pane-of-glass control panel. Find Out More »

Quick Cloud Comparison

Hypervisor OnApp VMware VMware
Tenancy Single-Tenant for Bare Metal Cloud, Multi-Tenant for Virtual Cloud Multi-tenant Single-tenant
Self Sign-Up Yes Yes No
Self-Service Control Yes Yes Limited
Burst No Yes. Vertical. No
Built-In Disaster Recovery No Built-in off-site replication and 14 day rolling backups included with Premium Storage. Available with SRM (Site Recovery Manager) module, requiring a complete failover stack.
Deployment Time Minutes, depending on service selected 30 mins to 1 hour (depends on resources, OS and SW add-ons) 15 days to deliver the solution 3 days to provision a VM (depends on resources, OS and SW add-ons)
Pricing Model Utility Based with hourly usage billing Utility Based Monthly Contract
Locations Portsmouth, UK. Toronto, CA Paris, Frankfurt, Portsmouth, London, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, New York Portsmouth, Toronto, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Fremont