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Enterprise Gaming & Rich Media

Delivering the immersive experience that end users won't do without.

As online gaming and media technology develops rapidly, so do the expectations of the millions who are plugged into MMORPGs, MMOFPs, MMORTSs and media- intensive sites. The end goal is an entirely immersive experience – one uninterrupted by any latency or downtime caused by the infrastructure underpinning your games. That requires speed, reliability and proactive hosting support. Achieving this in-house can be complicated and cost-prohibitive. Using the wrong hosting provider can be disastrous.

PEER 1 Hosting provides the solutions, speed and reliability that even the most complex gaming titles and media sites demand, no matter what the deliverable is for your end users. We have proven it time and again by consulting gaming studios and rich media sites from alpha and beta to launch and expansion.

Behind our gaming and rich media experience is our unequalled infrastructure – especially our proprietary 10GB/s FastFiber Network™ – and the experts manning it. Our network carries nothing but our own hosting traffic, so your gamers aren’t fighting through telecommunications clutter. Our 16 world-class datacenters (one certified by the Content Delivery and Security Association [CDSA]) and 19 points of presence (PoPs) mitigate lag time caused by distance.

Add to all of this our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) Team. It constantly routes and reroutes network data so fast becomes even faster. Reliable becomes more reliable. And your games and sites really become the experience you intended them to be.

Features and Benefits

Almost any hosting provider can claim to have hosted online games and media driven sites. What you need is a provider that understands your vision and your end users’ expectations and that can deliver a customized solution that evolves throughout your game’s or site’s life time.

Track Record of Gaming Successes

PEER 1 Hosting has worked with the world's largest game publisher to deliver its games to its customers under every circumstance; from game launches consuming over 1,000 servers, to expansion packs and upgrades resulting in massive traffic spikes, and even mobile games that exploded beyond expectations.

Our FastFiber Network™ and Global Infrastructure

Our 16 wholly owned, highly redundant global data centers and 19 PoPs are connected by our proprietary 10GB/s network, which is monitored relentlessly by experts in our NOC. Not only is it fast, but it’s also smart; proactively rerouting traffic to avoid the latencies that interrupt or distract from the user experience

CDSA (Content Delivery and Storage Association) Certified

We believe our Atlanta, Georgia data center to be the only hosting provider facility to meet the exacting standards of CDSA certification when it comes to the responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content.

Responsive Support from Desk to Data Center

We pride ourselves on responsiveness but we know that businesses like yours often require hyper-responsiveness, which we are more than capable of delivering. In 2010 we procured, configured and spun up 1,250 servers across data centers in the US and EMEA within 72 hours.