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Create & deploy innovative digital experiences for your customers.

Infographic about the hosting needs of digital agenciesThe full-service Digital Agency cannot be limited by infrastructure constraints. Your demanding clients expect that you stand up new services fast and integrate them with legacy applications. We know that you provide a wide variety of digital services to a broad range of clients.

Your hosting and IT infrastructure needs are therefore pretty varied. You need much more than ‘boxes in a rack’. One site build may demand a highly complex underlying infrastructure, while another project may need a lot of load balancing testing prior to going live as it is expected to scale very quickly. As a very busy agency, you will also need quality and tireless technical support on demand!

As a Digital Agency, when you host and run client applications with PEER 1 Hosting, you benefit from the experience of a large team of professionals who can manage thousands of production applications, ensuring that any issues or questions that arise are quickly resolved.

Mission Critical Cloud: When downtime is not an option

Time is of the essence, particularly when dealing with high profile clients. Tight project timelines force you to be innovative and seek out new methods of streamlining your processes, while at the same time cutting costs. PEER 1 Hosting understands the demand for profitability that your agency is facing, and Mission Critical Cloud simplifies the process and enables agencies to deliver profitability to their customers. Not only does Mission Critical Cloud enable digital agencies to cut costs, boost project ROI, and enable a more flexible billing approach, but it also delivers a highly secure offering, far more secure than traditional public cloud options. It also enables you to work more flexibly, by provisioning and paying for environments on an hourly basis, all with built in disaster recovery.

Magento Optimized Managed Hosting: A turnkey solution

Magento Optimized Managed Hosting from PEER 1 Hosting is a turnkey solution that delivers an infrastructure honed to meet Magento's intense requirements. It uses proven, optimized and scalable infrastructure components to deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability. And it's all backed by an experienced team made up of our own infrastructure experts, your Magento certified development partner and Magento's own team of support professionals all partnering together to make your business run smoothly during even the most hectic of campaigns.

PEER 1 Hosting: Active in the digital agency community

When we say that we’re part of your community, those aren’t hollow words. We mean it. We sponsor and participate in many events that celebrate, encourage and nurture the digital space. For example, we sponsored the Digitals, awards created to celebrate, recognize and award excellence in digital marketing. We’re also partners in Silicon Beach, a conference that brings together the world leaders in digital innovation, advertising and consumer engagement.