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Bare Metal IaaS

Reduced cost and enhanced control while you live on our sophisticated infrastructure.

The administrative control of colocation minus the hardware headaches

We have created a model which gives you total control of your platform using an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). This allows you to expand into new datacenters using PEER 1 Hosting hardware along with our hardware monitoring and rapid response – including a one-hour hardware replacement guarantee. This service level agreement (SLA) reduces solution costs by removing any unnecessary redundancy in your platform architecture.

Of course, you can run any operating system you wish. We’ll even help you to add into the mix some of the devices that you already own elsewhere.

Hardware control is managed using IMPI cards within all of the servers provided by PEER 1 Hosting — delivering you total control of hardware provisioning and maintenance. And you can switch them on and off on a regular basis to control your costs precisely.


IaaS: Whats covered by PEER 1 Hosting?

Features and Benefits

Puts You in the Driver's Seat

Total control where you need it, at the very heart of your platform.

Keep Costs Under Control

Costs that scale with your demand, avoiding capital expenditure.

Support When You Need It

Support at the point of need — replacing hardware fast.

Iron-clad SLAs

Key Service Level Agreements for high-availability platforms. Separate SLAs for each of our datacenters, network and hardware.

Experts Close at Hand

As much access to our in-house expertise as you need — 24 hours a day.

World-Class Infrastructure

Enabling you to leverage the investment we have made in our world class datacenters.

High Performance FastFiber Network

Use our FastFiber Network to achieve performance gains so that you don’t have the headache of managing your own multi-center network.

The Hybrid Hosting Advantage

Create a mixed environment of managed and colocated servers with IaaS machines — even adding virtual elements with VMware® if you wish.


Use Cases

Separation of Build, Test and Production Environments

Where there’s a large development environment for a mission-critical application (such as a multinational eCommerce offering), separating out build, test and production can be attractive. Costs can be reduced by using IaaS for the less-critical build and test platforms, which require a lower-level SLA, and risk is reduced by separating build and test from the live production environment.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider

SaaS providers often promote a tight integration of their application with the operating system running the environment. They may even run a proprietary or 'tweaked' operating system, supportable only by themselves. Furthermore, bespoke storage area network (SAN) and/or networking configurations can render it commercially unviable to pay a hosting provider to support such a specialised platform. In such circumstances, IaaS can provide an appropriate solution.

Systems Integrator or Reseller

The needs of systems integration providers often require that they retain overall control of the customer experience. Like many of our resellers and partners, they will prefer to keep complete control of the platform, offering their own support levels and/or technical teams without paying for unnecessary services. In this situation, IaaS can offer a viable strategy.