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AnyCast DNS

The first step to increasing your site performance begins here.

Many businesses might not consider this, but the real first experience your end users have with your site’s performance occurs the second they click your name after conducting a search through a web browser. When they click, that web browser goes searching for your IP address–a DNS request–scouring name servers to find your site’s IP address, get directed to it and then load it. How long it takes to do accomplish this–to search through numerous name servers across the globe often times – can add time to how long it takes for your site to be found and begin loading. But Anycast DNS is a way to shortcut all the name servers and get your website up on user’s monitors faster and more reliably.

Through Anycast DNS, your DNS traffic is balanced across multiple PEER 1 Hosting name servers located in each of our geographically distributed datacenters throughout North America and Europe. With our proprietary RapidEdge technology platform and IP Anycast Routing, Anycast DNS automatically routes users to the closest name server to resolve DNS requests. By doing so, Anycast DNS dramatically decreases latency, and increases website performance and uptime. The result is a far better user experience.

As an added benefit, Anycast DNS is also solid protection against network failures, natural disasters and DDoS attacks directed toward your domain name services. Not only does our DNS solution increase speed for free, it increases availability, too.

Features and Benefits

No Additional Expense for Greater Speed & Availability

As a PEER 1 Hosting client, all you have to do is request Anycast DNS to receive all of it features and benefits,

Intuitive Control Panel

To manage your DNS zones, you simply interact through our user-friendly, web-based interface. Just because it is free, doesn’t mean it has to be difficult and time consuming.

Super Fast, 10Gbps Global Network

Our proprietary 10Gbps FastFiber Network™, 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC), relationships with four Tier 1 upstream providers and stringent peering agreements with network partners all combine to deliver speed anywhere between your servers and your end users.

Additional Network Performance & Reliability

IP Anycast Routing distributes DDoS attacks, minimizes lookup latency and provides 100% failover capabilities. In other words, your chances of downtime decrease without seeing your hosting bill increase.

Nonstop Network & Anycast DNS Monitoring

Our in-house NOC monitors all FastFiber Network and our partner networks’ traffic 24x7x365, and responds immediately to any potential network issues and customer calls.