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Port Monitoring

Protect yourself from unnecessary costs by defining your own bandwidth.

Our Port Monitoring Colocation service enables you to take direct control of your network costs and avoid unwanted surprises. Using our monitoring tools, you can define your minimum and maximum thresholds for bandwidth and packets per second (PPS) usage, and receive email alerts to let you know when they’ve been reached.

Our Port Monitor service will automatically alert you to any changes in your port's link status. Should it go down for any reason, you’ll the first to know.

Moreover, you can protect yourself from ballooning bandwidth costs related to aggravating viruses, DOS attacks and spamming - all of which can create massive spikes in traffic in a very short period of time.

On 25th January 2003, a variant of the infamous SQL Slammer Worm did just that. The virus infected 75,000 Internet hosts within 10 minutes of its release, causing a denial of service for some while dramatically slowing down overall Internet traffic for everyone. The rapid infection ate up bandwidth resources with a vengeance, and caused backbone congestion and instability with a number of Tier 2 providers. (source: Wikipedia)

Fortunately, we employed a number of tools that detected this extreme event as it was occurring and within hours had advised 100 hosting clients that their SQL machines had been compromised. As a result, they avoided the devastation experienced by other hosts, along with huge bills.

Although we were able to respond quickly to this event, there are many other situations that could only be detected using our Bandwidth and PPS Monitor service, set to your pre-defined thresholds.

You can also protect your revenue stream by ensuring you are alerted to any sudden dip in traffic on your port due to a server crash, hardware failure or website configuration issues. A threshold set to the minimum expected amount of traffic lets you monitor unforeseen issues as they arise.