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Mission Critical Cloud

VMWare Tier 3 logoMany IT and application development organizations have struggled to embrace the cloud in a meaningful and beneficial way. To gain certain benefits, it seemed necessary to sacrifice others. Most public clouds promise utility pricing and associated cost savings, but issues surrounding provisioning, oversight and, most importantly, resource orchestration, high availability and disaster recovery security create daunting obstacles to adoption. On the other hand, while private clouds on dedicated hardware address those pain points, the financial benefits of the cloud are lost to the costs of dedicated hardware and software combined with the resources required to provision and manage them.

Mission Critical Cloud from PEER 1 Hosting is enterprise-ready, creating the perfect point of adoption, whether you’re seeking an off-premise solution for development, testing and staging workloads or launching new mission-critical commercial applications in the cloud.



Diagram explains where enterprise applications and security fits in the Mission Critical Cloud structure

PEER 1 Hosting's Mission Critical Cloud is a VMware®-based public cloud platform that realizes all of the benefits expected of the cloud. And then some.

Elegant Orchestration

The highly visual and comprehensive control console enables users to establish groups of virtual machines with unique rules to intelligently organize, manage and control costs of large environments. And the Blueprint template and scripting tool simplifies building out complex solutions and significantly reduces time and effort.

Simple Automation

Whether scheduling maintenance, automating time-consuming menial tasks or setting up monitoring alerts, Mission Critical Cloud simplifies day-to-day work, minimizes errors and allows your developers to devote themselves to more strategic activities. Autoscaling allows you to vertically grow or shrink servers based on CPU utilization.

Enterprise Security

From the server cages to the gateways to the last bit of data, every aspect of the Mission Critical Cloud infrastructure is secure, protected and continually monitored. And with the ability to provision virtual load balancers and set custom firewall policies, the Platform offers control and security to rival that of many private cloud environments.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Built-in high availability, five-day or 14-day rolling backups and full, remote-location redundancy of your complete environment ensures that your infrastructure stays running even should disaster strike.


Utility-based hourly pricing, Infrastructure as a Service, and powerful automation capabilities all eliminate Capital Expenditures and reclaim your internal resources for more critical tasks.