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Welcome to Zunicore™, the cloud 2.0 solution that’s purpose-built for business.

Zunicore, the public cloud Division of PEER 1 Hosting, is the first professional-grade cloud built specifically for businesses. If you are tired of the one- size-fits-all approach of current public cloud hosting providers, you now have an alternative. Your business can easily realize the cloud's promise of delivering scalable, flexible, reliable and cost-effective computing resources to serve a global audience. Cloud 2.0 has arrived and is ready for your business.

Features and Benefits

FairPlay Pricing™

Only pay for what you use, plus Overdraft Protection.

Hands-free Autoscaling

Set your triggers according to demand and let go.

Customised Cloud Resource Pools

No more inflexible, preset virtual machines of Cloud 1.0 solutions.

FastFiber Network™

Our wholly-owned 10Gbps FastFiber Network delivers fast and secure performance.

Built-in Technology

Persistent storage area network (SAN) storage and AnyCast DNS™.


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