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People and Culture

Your job environment: a place where every person thrives.

We don't make the Internet work better by simply relying on our world-class datacenters and network spanning North America and the UK. Our people are the difference makers and game changers. Technology doesn't bring about change. It's the people who bring about the technology and make it work. They set us apart from the other companies out there, so we're deliberate about creating an environment where every person grows and thrives.

Our values guide our decisions. Our leaders guide our people. Our people shape and sustain our culture. And, logically, our culture drives our success.

Our Values

Our diversity is what makes us unique. Some of us run up mountains on the weekend, while others volunteer in their communities after work or challenge fellow gamers at night. Our common bond – our willingness to dream big, and then actually act upon those dreams – makes us formidable. And our core values are what unite us – and what set us apart.

Every Interaction Matters

We treat every face-to-face encounter, every email and every phone call as though it's the first one we've had with that person. We get curious, we catch people doing the right thing and we do more than is expected.

Enable Others to Succeed

To us, success is a team thing. We're service-oriented with one another and with our customers so that those stretch goals become within reach. We're honest, we build trust and we take ownership.

Strive for Excellence

Mediocrity has no place here. We don't want to be behind the pack, we want to be trailblazing ahead of it as we take everything we do to that next level. We seek criticism, we measure ourselves against the best and we learn from our mistakes.

Anything is Possible

To us, dreams don't just pop into our minds during sleep – they're our breeding ground for innovation. We embrace "AND" instead of "OR", we bring forward and recognize new ideas and we do it all with an open mind.

Sense of Fun and Play

We want people who are passionate about what they do – and committed to having a good time while doing it. Life is too short for boring work, so we make sure the b-word never surfaces around here. We're serious about creating a fun environment that breeds serious results, we are inclusive of everyone and we always show up in an authentic way.

Our Leaders

Our leaders give us the experience, support and space we need to learn, grow and turn our ideas into reality. But by leaders we don't mean people sitting in big offices behind big desks. We believe that leadership is an essence that exists in everyone that joins our cause and that is demonstrated in infinite ways. It transcends hierarchy, job description and geography.

Our Culture

Our culture is PEER 1 Hosting. It's what we're most proud of, and what we're most committed to protecting as we grow. At the end of the day, our culture is all about one basic, but often overlooked thing – being human. It's a Sales Rep bringing forward a new idea and being encouraged to make it happen. It's a high-performing Network Analyst moving into a Network Engineer role. It's our CFO taking Support Techs out to dinner to ask them where we can make positive changes.

Really, it's about coming together, walking into work every day and forgetting that it's work.


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