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World Cup Social Impact

With the growing prominence of social media, we can now learn quite a bit about popular opinion by tracking social trends during large events. Case in point: the World Cup, which culminated in the dramatic match between Brazil and Germany early last week. During the final game, viewers tweeted an average of 618,725 times per minute!

Looking at the “Social World Cup” more holistically, though, we notice some interesting trends. Peer 1 examined 100,000 social and forum discussions to identify the top 20 subjects of conversation throughout the event. While the most discussed team, Brazil, is to be expected (16% of tweets mentioned the home team), the next most talked about countries were Germany (12%), the U.S. (3%) and England (3%). Quite a dramatic difference between the final two and other countries!

Perhaps even more interesting than the country-related trends were those we saw around content sharing. Nearly 4% of tweets about the World Cup included links to other content. Certainly many brands were capitalizing on the global focus of the games, and there was A LOT of content shared throughout the weeks of the Cup – was your content being shared?

Looking more specifically at brands that sponsored the games, we see Adidas in the Top 20 social players, with no sign of Nike. Also included were major brands like the BBC, Google, ESPN and Facebook – time will tell what impact this has on their businesses, but with the global reach of the #WorldCup, we can certainly expect to see positive ripple effects.

Finally, Tim Howard’s excellent performance vs. Belgium saw him as a trending topic, with just under 2% of tweets referencing his smooth moves. Tim was beat, however, by Lionel Messi (3%) and James Rodriguez (3%) – should there be a “Golden Ball” or “Viewer’s Choice” award for these most-tweeted-about stars?

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