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Why you should choose cloud web hosting for archiving emails

email archivingToday's business cannot run without email correspondence. For some businesses it is the main form of communication between themselves and their clients. If you have to go through hundreds to thousands of emails per day, some which containing sensitive information, then it is critical that you archive emails for future reference, rather than sending them straight to the trash. For this reason, and the need of many businesses to archive a large volume of emails, there are many advantages to choosing a cloud web hosting service for archiving emails.

Email Archiving Statistics

On average, a professional worker sends and receives hundreds of emails on a daily basis. This is especially true in the case of a chief executive or a person at a managerial position, who often deal with many more. According to estimates, in 2008 almost 247 billion emails were sent worldwide on daily basis. Experts now project that this figure will soon reach above 500 billion emails being sent per day. Now that is a lot of emails!

The Advantages of using a Cloud Web Hosting Service to Archive Emails

1. Email Archiving becomes more seamless and smooth.

In the present corporate world, it is good to work with advanced techniques rather than doing things the old fashioned way. With the help of cloud-based email services archiving, life becomes easier, more secured, and more seamless. Let us start studying how the email archiving through a cloud network will help the users.

2. Email archiving keeps all information sent and received on record, should you need it.

If it ever becomes necessary for you to pull out old email records, then the E-discover feature found in cloud-based email archiving will make the job a whole lot easier for you. The E-discovery feature can help you run your business if it is heavily regulated, or should you require to sue someone. 

3. Email archiving is tamper proof, meaning previously sent and received emails cannot be changed.

No business wants to be part of a court case or legal proceeding, but in such an event, cloud web hosting makes email archiving virtually tamper-proof, meaning evidence such as proofs of sent and received emails cannot be defrauded as legal evidence.

4. You don't need to worry about storage limits and a full inbox.

The main advantage of using a cloud web hosting service for archiving your emails is that emails can be stored irrespective of their size, as there is no memory limit on cloud hosting archiving services. You won't need to worry about the size of attachments in emails either! However, you will have to pay more for higher data storage. Most web hosting providers will charge this on a month-by-month or yearly basis.

From the points above, it is easy to see the advantages of archiving your business emails through a cloud web hosting service. Why not try it today?


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