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What Are You Thankful For?

This week, as the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, many will go around the table and share with each other all the things they are thankful for. While many of PEER 1 Hosting’s employees don’t live in the U.S., we do think Thanksgiving serves as a nice reminder to reflect on our good fortune, both personal and professional.

As for me, I am very thankful that I work with a company that puts such a priority on treating its employees as people, a company that is truly committed to helping people be and do their best so that they can live a life that is meaningful.

Here are some thoughts from the PEER 1 Hosting team about what they are thankful for:

Jason Little, Creative Director

I am thankful that I have so many reasons and opportunities to laugh every day. My social-butterfly wife, my little girl's devious smile and my dogs' wrestling matches other are a good start. Then there are the little things like my team's meetings, The Onion, The Daily Show,, Mitch Hedberg jokes, drunk middle-age couples making out in bars and the little boy next door that thinks he's a ninja-wolf hybrid superhero (which is pretty cool). I figure that if I'm laughing, everything is going to be okay.

Robert Miggins, SVP Business Development

I am thankful for my Peers here at PEER 1 Hosting, who do such an excellent job and make my job easier. I am also thankful for stuffing and cranberry sauce because without them, turkey wouldn't taste very good. 

Brent Evans, Marketing Coordinator

I am thankful for the invention of the Super Audio CD (SACD).  My wallet may hate the cost, my ears are eternally grateful.

Greg Rusu, General Manager, Public Cloud

I'm thankful for being witness to such an amazing transformation in the way computing is becoming available to so many folks – from modest Web virtual servers to supercomputing bare-metal, the people I work with and in our industry are indeed "helping people in all corners of the world find their way."

Gary, Chief Financial Officer

I am thankful for my three incredible daughters and amazing career with an amazing company! Also, more or less as a result, I’m extremely thankful for the stunning collection of wine that I have accumulated over the years!

Alisha, Senior Marketing Manager

I am thankful for my loving husband-to-be, my dog – who hogs the bed and thinks he owns the house – and my incredible career. I am most thankful for Tori Burch, maker of incredible boots! ;-) 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Photo credit: John-Morgan

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