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Unlimited Access to Information = Unlimited Opportunities

Peer 1 Hosting strives to be the most human company on the web, and as we grow and evolve, we have worked very hard to ensure that same principle still holds true. We are more than servers and cables; we are part of a revolution to bring opportunities to everyone around the world through the unparalleled power of the Internet. It’s important for us, as a company, to establish who we are and stand proudly alongside our values to bring new opportunities to others around the world via the Internet.

As an organization, we often ask ourselves ‘How does the Internet create potential?’ In many circumstances, we find ourselves reliant on the Internet for browsing social media sites and sharing exciting personal anecdotes. It has almost become second nature to use the Internet to communicate with our friends, family and colleagues. What we often forget about is the power of the Internet in other contexts – for instance to provide fast relief in times of crisis or to empower the innovators, dreamers and disruptors of the world to create positive change. At Peer 1, our goal is to provide that personal connection to our customers, partners and Peers and to support the potential of all the world’s Internet users.



Following this tradition, we invite you to tell us your story. How has the Internet changed your life for the better? Be sure to use the hashtags #PositiveInternet #Peer1 on Twitter and Instagram so we can learn how your potential was brought to life by the World Wide Web!

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