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Total Uptime Technologies Global Expansion

Total Uptime Technologies Global ExpansionAs more of our world moves online and customer expectations for a seamless Web experience become more demanding, businesses risk losing revenue and reputation if their Web-based services experience any drops in performance. In fact, Google researchers found that many consumers will abandon a search if they have to wait just 400ms. This doesn’t just apply to websites, either. Databases and other important IT infrastructure are often stored in the cloud or hosted off premise, so businesses may see far-reaching impacts on user satisfaction if their hosting facility goes down.

To help enterprises ensure optimal performance, long-time partner Total Uptime has expanded into more of our facilities to bring sophisticated failover to its customers in the U.S., Canada and the UK. Total Uptime is well-known for helping online businesses and other Internet-centric organizations ensure that their Web presence never falters, providing intelligent failover that shifts workloads amongst datacenters if one facility experiences degradation or goes offline.

Now, Total Uptime is able to implement cutting edge anycast failovers, enabling enterprises to fail over into the topologically nearest node rather than to a preset endpoint. For customers, that means:

  • a more resilient IT environment
  • reduced latency and greater reliability

Total Uptime’s anycast capabilities are also bolstered by our high datacenter availability – since 2011, not one of our datacenters where Total Uptime colocates infrastructure has experienced an outage.

You can read more about the announcement here, or leave a comment below to ask a question.

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