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Top ways cloud hosting is impacting your business

Business and Cloud  HostingAs times have changed and technology has advanced, millions of companies are turning to cloud hosting, after numerous recent reports have highlighted exactly how beneficial the use of cloud hosting can be.

A recent article from Smart Company, written by contributor Michelle Hammond, gave its readers an insight into how over the past year, small business were 106 per cent more likely to notice a significant increase in revenue. This information was first discovered by the March 2013 MYOB Business Monitor survey.

Michelle said: revenue.

"Our research findings provide a clear cut case for embracing online technologies in business," said MYOB chief executive Tim Reed. "The gap in financial performance is widening between the online-savvy and the online-cautious."

And it's not just Smart Company who have noticed the change. A contributor for Forbes, Reuven Cohen has also benefited from cloud hosting services. His research found that over half of U.S. businesses are now using cloud computing technology to endorse their brands.

In a recent article, another contributor for Forbes, Scott Good, exclaimed the beauty of the cloud in all kinds of sectors, including health. He explained the benefits of the cloud for both doctors and patients. By using cloud storage, Doctors now have the capacity to view their patient's file at the touch of a button. This keeps costs down for both Doctor and patient, as patient's who transfer to different doctors, won't have to pay to view their records elsewhere.


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