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"Solution Providers for Retail" Features My Top Tips for eCommerce

I recently became a blogger for UBM’s eCommerce site, Solution Providers for Retail, which brings together technology thought leaders who are innovating the world of eCommerce. I’ll be contributing quarterly and my first post, Surviving Peak Traffic Loads: Lessons From Last Month, has just gone live! This article looks at how online sellers can best optimize their eCommerce platform to capture revenue and prevent sales lost to performance issues like latency.

After my post recent post went live, I received a comment:

One thing that I've always went into things with and this may sound pessimistic, but you should always plan for the worst and hope for the best. It's really not bad advice if you think about it. You want to have a failsafe or backup plan just in case, but of course you're going to hope it doesn't come to that.

I couldn’t agree more. Many sellers assume that, because they’ve never experienced traffic-related performance issues on their site before, they don’t need to prepare for a disaster. Humans in general tend to comfort themselves with the thought, “It won’t happen to me!” But, as I urge in my article, always prepare for the worst. When it comes to eCommerce platforms in particular, set up a disaster recovery plan, ensure your servers have more capacity than you’ll ever need and look to the cloud as a fail-safe for storage and infrastructure.

For more tips on how to best prepare your eCommerce platform, read my post on Service Providers for Retails. And be sure to check back in early April for my next contributed post!

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