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Secure Hosting - three tips for feeling safer

Secure HostingIt’s not just large companies who suffer hacked websites and IT systems. Every day there are hundreds of websites being compromised by pirates. In fact, more damage can be done to smaller companies, because they don’t always have the same IT resources as the big ones.

Secure hosting is becoming more affordable, but you can make your company’s website that little bit safer by following these three particular tricks.

1. Passwords are key

It would seem obvious that you should keep your passwords safe. Not just safe, but strong as well. You can make an almost uncrackable password or phrase by using Diceware, a simple, yet brilliant method. Roll a single die up to 5 times, and then find the word in the Diceware Word List (available on the Internet) that corresponds to the number you have rolled. There are 7776 words to choose from.

2. Watch what you install

There’s a lot of software out there which contains easily compromised code. For example, adding funky themes and useful add-ons to your website can accidentally create a portal for potential trouble. Careful research can help avoid this; check out reviews and forum threads before making an installation decision.

3. Stay up to date with your software

Even secure web hosting is made vulnerable by the continued use of outdated software. Maybe the cost of an update is too much for one particular month. Keep on running that software, and you become a beacon to potential hackers. Budgeting is key here, and always know when an update is due. Continual security updates from software creators make this an essential part of your business. Its importance – as with all web security, should not be underestimated.

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