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Preparing Your eCommerce Infrastructure now, for the Holiday Season.

According to our latest research findings, 76 percent of eCommerce decision makers in North America and the UK believe that the quality of user experience on their eCommerce website directly affects customers’ perceptions of their brand. Clearly, e-retailers are realizing that every customer interaction matters, and that they need to strive to make each one flawless. A high level of experience is not only good for brand reputation, but also revenue—81 percent of online shoppers say they will not do their holiday shopping on an eCommerce site that can’t deliver a faultless experience. But, how exactly do e-retailers plan to deliver that high quality experience?

We recently discussed the significance of incorporating a human element into the online shopping experience, a crucial element of the eCommerce experience, according to many retailers. This becomes even more important during the holiday season because e-retailers typically collect about two-thirds of their total annual revenue in November and December. Thus, e-retailers have plenty to gain—but, arguably, even more to lose—during the holidays.

With 65 percent of eCommerce brands saying their conversion rates were better in 2013 than in 2012, the industry is headed in the right direction. There is still work to be done, though. Improved website design (33 percent); SEO optimization (23 percent); advanced international capabilities such as language conversions (19 percent); and heightened security (16 percent) were identified as the top areas where decision makers are likely to invest over the coming year.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that none of the aforementioned investments will be of much use if the website itself cannot handle the extreme spikes in traffic that come inherent to the holiday shopping season. And, with 27 percent of consumers planning to spend more money online during the holidays this year than they did last year, the time to start preparing for the 2014 holiday season is now.  With our scalable and optimized eCommerce hosting offerings and infrastructure resources, PEER 1 is able to ensure customers have the best online shopping experience possible. We know that every interaction matters, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide e-retailers’ customers with the faultless website experience they demand.

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