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PEER 1 Hosting's Focus on Relationship Spurs Impressive Channel Growth

Channel GrowthAt PEER 1 Hosting, we pride ourselves on doing business a little differently than most organizations. Our company is focused on developing meaningful relationships with people, which shines through particularly in our interactions with fellow employees, customers and channel partners. You may have seen some of our most recent announcements supporting that commitment, including the SMART Partner Program, our new strategic alliance program and the launch of Mission Critical Cloud earlier this year with our partner Tier 3. And today, we are excited to announce that this focus on developing relationships with our partners has contributed to a 400 percent increase in channel revenue during FY ’13. That’s 40 percent of PEER 1 Hosting’s new acquisition sales in that timeframe!

In particular, the SMART Partner Program, launched in April 2012, has generated some great success by helping us build relationships and create mutually beneficial revenue streams with partners. In just 15 months, more than 500 new partners have signed up for the program, and we are thrilled to see interest just as high today as it was a year ago.

As we look ahead to the next year, we’re excited to continue this growth in our channel program. We’re setting some lofty goals for ourselves, including doubling our channel team and matching the same 400 percent growth figure in FY ‘14. Most of that growth will come from new reseller agreements with strategic partners and major product launches, specifically to support our cloud and eCommerce businesses.

Be sure to read today’s press release for more information on our successes this past financial year. And if you’re interested in learning more about the SMART Partner Program, I invite you to visit our website:


Without a meaningful

Without a meaningful relationship with people our business cannot grow larger. And this is not just a truth, this is more than a truth.

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