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PEER 1 Hosting Shortlisted in 2013-14 Cloud Awards

I am very pleased to share with you that PEER 1 Hosting has been shortlisted in the Best Cloud Reseller and Best Cloud Hosting Provider categories of the 2013-2014 Cloud Awards Program! This is a very special honor, and we are delighted to be named among the finalists this year.

We do cloud a little differently at PEER 1, and see this accolade as validation that that strategy is the right one. Many cloud providers offer their customers only one cloud solution, defined by a prescribed hypervisor and limited infrastructure footprint. PEER 1, on the other hand, enables customers to choose between public and private environments; Xen and VMware hypervisors; 16 global datacenter locations, often with multiple facilities per location; and self-service environments or higher-touch managed solutions. Plus, depending on the cloud platform, customers can also leverage critical services (e.g. disaster recovery) and sophisticated management capabilities (e.g. horizontal and vertical autoscaling, and advanced orchestration). For those who are a bit overwhelmed by all of those choices, PEER 1’s team is highly trained in consulting with customers on the configuration of the perfect cloud solution. As a result, customers can ensure that they best leverage cloud computing for their organizations’ objectives and are never shoehorned into a “one-size-fits-all” cloud.

On the announcement of this year’s shortlist, Cloud Awards organizer Larry Johnson commented: “Every year, we think we must have met the ceiling on how high the standard of entries will get. Every year those expectations are smashed, as a new wave of cloud pioneers and innovators shows us their successes – and more importantly, their drive for success. Cloud technologies are like no other, showing a remarkable ability to act as a catalyst for scalable, intuitive, hardworking solutions for business and modern life. We are lucky to be able to showcase some of the brightest and best.”

The final list of winners for this year’s Cloud Awards program will be announced on Tuesday, January 18th. Wish us luck!

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