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PEER 1 Hosting Proudly Supports the CentOS Project’s Raindrop Application

At PEER 1 Hosting, we are proud to host organizations, websites and applications that make a difference in the way people work. The Raindrop application for the CentOS Project is no exception.

The advent of cloud computing has ushered in many changes for IT. Traditionally, CentOS Linux has been popular on hosting platforms ranging from dedicated servers to high-density shared hosting and application hosting. However, with the onset of the cloud, many vendors who were once well positioned to deploy CentOS on their platforms are now struggling to get a common cloud instance type that they can promote as their product offering.

Enter the Raindrops application. Hosted by PEER 1, this application was created to solve this very issue. Raindrops is a Web service that allows anyone to create and consume CentOS images for a variety of cloud offerings. The application lowers the entry barrier to working in the cloud, providing a scriptable, definable process to build virtual machines and cloud instances for multiple hypervisors. With the ability for developers to build these instances on a common platform, users no longer have to build their own environments or drive their own testing, delivery and maintenance processes. It is a streamlined, simplified process that boosts vendor efficiency.

We are pleased to support the Raindrops application by hosting its website, along with the servers needed to build, deliver and manage the application and all of its content. Raindrops will be on display this weekend at FOSDEM in Brussels and we encourage you to follow our social media channels to learn more.

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