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PEER 1 Hosting Launches Map of the Internet App

While curiosity around the Internet has loomed since its inception, no one has been able to explain what the Internet physically looks like. Today, I’m excited to share that we have officially launched our Map of the Internet app, which provides a stunning 3D visualization of the Internet and all of its autonomous systems worldwide, as well as how they are connected.

In 2011, we took the first step in developing this visualization with the debut of our Map of the Internet infographic poster. Driven by our continued passion for all things having to do with networking, we designed this app to further bring to life what the Internet looks like – and how the various autonomous components interact to connect the world. While it’s certainly cool and a fun app, we think of the Map of the Internet app as an educational tool that represents the Internet’s evolution from 1994 to present day, highlighting key moments, like the launch of Internet heavyweights Facebook and Google, for example.

UPDATE: CNNMoney has posted a video review and demonstration of the app here. 


Users can view Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet exchange points, universities and other organizations through two view options – Globe and Network. The app also allows users to generate a trace route between where they are located to a destination node, search for where popular companies and domains are, as well as identify their current location on the map.

Similar to the poster, the app’s timeline is rooted in real data that uses timeline visualization to display 22,961 autonomous system nodes joined by 50,519 connections based on Internet topology from our partner in this project, CAIDA. We were also able to project what the Internet will look like in 2020 by using an algorithm based on current data, as well as predictions for the growth of the hosting industry by various independent research agencies. You can discover for yourself what the Internet looks like by downloading the app from the AppStore and Google Play. Have fun exploring; we’ll see you out there.



It takes a lot of talented people to pull a project like this together. Below is a list of all the people involved in developing the app that we would like to thank.

Concept and Design – Rajan Sodhi, Kyle Dickau, Victor Swarovski, Ramon Vawda, and Skyler Richter.

Computational Data Visualization – Jeff Johnston

App Development – Steamclock Software

Special Thanks to Open Source Projects – MBProgressHUD, Vectormath, TTTAtributedLabel, Boost, jsoncpp, ASIHTTPRequest, and SCPinions.




The tracerouting function does not work on my IPad Mini with Retina Display. For one, it is using my WIFI IP address ( normal thing) rather than the modem's physical IP address. Perhaps that is the problem, but still. Other than that... Beautiful app.


This is an astonishing app, beautiful and well put together.
I would like to suggest that there be a landscape view of the screen and descriptions.
It would also be great to have a little more detail about each connection but that isn't as crucial.
Furthermore, when zooming in, the sensitivity of movement should decrease as well as much less momentum. which is a good aspect but needs toning down.
Additionally, any more of the smaller networks should also be added or more acute locations specified.
A brilliant, amazing and educational app, I hope it becomes a standard in teaching people the principles of the Internet in schools worldwide.
Visual representation of our hive mind!

Hi, thanks for this stunning

thanks for this stunning and intresting app.
please consider the possibility tp make the glob stop spinning.
I also find the controles to br a bit sensitive, it is difficult to get into the correct node.

Crashed if using Weblock

First of all, many thanks for this wonderful app, it's great fun to explore the network.
I use the ad blocker 'Weblock'. Unfortunately, 'Map of the internet' that does not work properly.
Nothing happens if i tap 'Find Your'. Even the function 'Traceroute' does not work.
If I remove the ad blocker everything works fine.

I contacted the manufacturer of Weblock and described to him the problem.

Here is his answer:

> Hello Wolfgang,
> thank you for your mail and thank you for using Weblock.
> We've downloaded "Map of the Internet by Peer 1 Hosting" and found out,
> that the problem you've described occurs even with the simplest possible
> PAC file, which sends all trafic directly.
> We've created this file:, which basically
> instructs your iOS device to connect to every Internet resource directly
> (it's the simplest possible configuration, which doesn't block anything)
> and the problem still persists. This indicates, that the bug is actually
> inside the Map of the Internet app, which doesn't handle PAC files properly.
> I'm really sorry, but in this case there's not much we can do :(
> Best regards,
> Tomasz Koperski

Maybe it will help you.

Greetings from



Great app but when you click a dot on global view I wish it would provide a little more detail like where it is on the globe like London England

APP blank screen, any ideas

I saw the article in Network World, installed app in IPAD (old model, ver 5.1.1 OS). It seems to run but the display is mostly blank, with the control icons available. The search and other functions act like they are working, just no updated "map". Thanks. Rob.

No Windows Phone 8 app :(.

No Windows Phone 8 app :(.

Windows 8 App on its way.

Thank you for your inquiry. We initially launched the App for iOS and Android to guage the interest level. The response has been amazing. We've since been in discussions with Microsoft and are putting a timeline together to have it available for Windows 8 and Surface. We'll update this blog post as it progresses. Cheers.

yes please! a windows 8 app

yes please! a windows 8 app for desktop would be amazing! keep us posted, love the app

Map of the Internet for Windows 8/RT? Yes please!

That would be the coolest thing ever. I've seen similar-ish programs before, but nothing as slick and well-implemented as this. Need!

Windows 8 App

All you need is probably an HTML 5 version and then you do not have to worry about Win or Mac applications.

Thanks for the effort.


Awesome :)

Awesome :)

Map of the Internet

Is there a URL for this map that I can reach from my PC?

Web Version

There is currently only an iOS and Android version of the app. We may consider creating a web version in the future.

Astonishing visualization

This app astonishes even as it informs the viewer/user. (The only downside I've found is that if I stare at the globe view long enough without actively engaging, I can feel my brain melting.) Sweet work, and you have my thanks every time I return to a sentient state.

No traceroute in Android version

Sir, are you aware that the traceroute feature is not present in the Android version of the app? I have tried it on my Nexus 4, 7 and 10 and have not found a hint of that functionality. However, when I installed the app on a friend's iPhone 5, it was there. I just wanted to make you aware of this issue and maybe get a timelime as to its resolution.


Traceroute feature only available on iOS.

Thanks Lionel. You are correct. The traceroute feature is currently only available on the iOS version. It will be available on Android with the next release. Thank you for your interest in the app. We will be continually adding new features to both platforms. Cheers, Rajan

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