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PEER 1 Hosting Claims ‘Challenger’ Status in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting, North America

PEER 1 Hosting has been positioned as a ‘Challenger’ in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant, focused on Managed Hosting, no doubt due to the outstanding work achieved by our teams across North America and beyond, in delivering a truly world-class managed hosting offering.

The quadrant represents North American enterprise-class managed hosting providers, which are capable of providing fully-managed services for complex, mission-critical websites.

Our President & CEO Fabio Banducci believes this is a result of the dedication and talent shown by the PEER 1 Hosting team:

“We believe this acknowledgement highlights the commitment PEER 1 Hosting has to providing the most human experience on the web, allowing our customers to focus on the possibilities of the Internet rather than the problems. Our dedication to this vision, where every interaction matters, manifests in all areas of the business. For example, customers using multiple data centers do not pay transit costs across our backbone network. We also have customer advocates who are not tied to sales quotas, but who are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.”

For more information and to download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting, North America, please visit: managed-hosting.


Gartner Managed Hosting Report

Congrats to the Peer1 team(s) - I have had the pleasure of working with your team in Toronto - Gartner touches on the subject tangentialy but In my opinion the key to success for Peer1 is and will be the customer focused approach - i.e. working with my customer on the HPC zunicore offering, while it was not being offered yet - it was also relatively easy to get calls arranged with the engineers to resolve routing issues, etc. so that is all good - The acquisition is of course one of the big unknowns (enterprise apps, Gartner things it is a big deal, I think it is actually good to maintain your margins, and be a more flexible partner.My opinion). Having gone through many acquisitions as the party being acquired, or the party that is acquiring - I just know changes will happen to the core operating models, it is the speed of which that is the unknown....I just hope that the changes are more in the realm of expanding offerings, more flexibility, etc. Again Congrats!

Thank you


Thanks for your well wishes. We are very excited about the post acquisition future at PEER1. Thank you for your input and your support.


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