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PEER 1 Hosting Attends Super Computing 2012

Today, more than ever, companies are finding that high performance computing (HPC) is a necessity for producing and analyzing vast quantities of data. However, despite its benefits, HPC also presents a number of challenges as it is quite resource-intensive and requires significant hardware investments. As a result, many companies are outsourcing their HPC requirements to hosting providers as a way to eliminate hardware investments while still benefiting from HPC’s ability to shrink project deliverables from weeks or months to just hours.

PEER 1 Hosting aims to make HPC possible for every company, and we’re at Super Computing 2012 in Salt Lake City this week to discuss how we do it through our HPC Self-Serve Cloud, which can scale up in just 15 minutes for companies that only need intermittent and short-term HPC support, and Managed HPC Cloud, which best serves a company with consistently high HPC demands. Both options provide customers the IP protection, security, flexibility and fast speeds that traditional outsourced services offer, but without the hefty price tag or vendor lock-in.

For those at Super Computing, I hope you are able to come by our booth (#115) to learn more about how you can implement and benefit from an outsourced HPC environment. If you are a member of the press or analyst community and would like to meet with PEER 1 Hosting on-site at Super Computing, please contact Sarah Love at [email protected] or +1 (617) 960-9881.

Enjoy the week!

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