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Robert Miggins talks NSA: What should businesses be doing to protect their data?

As part of our commitment to understanding the demands and pressures facing our customers, we recently undertook an independent survey of 300 businesses to assess the impact of the NSA scandal on their organization.

As you can imagine with a survey of this nature, the results were certainly interesting. In fact one of the most compelling stats to arise from the research was that 25 percent of IT decision makers stated they would be moving their company data outside of the US due to the NSA scandal. However, despite this trend, the U.S. remains the most popular place for Canadian and UK companies to host data outside of their home countries.

As a hosting provider, this is an issue that is of concern to many of our customers, and so we want to make sure we understand the potential impact this may have. Robert Miggins, our senior vice president of business development, has been involved in the research since the beginning, having seen firsthand the impact this global scandal is having on some of our customers.

For example, with new privacy concerns now top of mind with non-U.S. companies, has trust in the Internet been irreparably damaged? We’d like to think no, but organizations of all stripes will have to start thinking differently about how they do business online.

So to get a deeper understanding of this, we interviewed Robert for an episode in our podcast series. Designed to help our customers get an insight into the inner workings of PEER 1, it covers some of the key issues raised by the survey that those businesses are concerned with.

These include the following:

  • The recent PEER 1 NSA survey shows 25 percent of UK & Canadian businesses are going to move data outside of the US due to privacy concerns. How serious is this for the US economy?
  • Has trust in the Internet been permanently damaged? What should businesses do about this?
  • Did Obama's commitment to rein in spies go far enough to assure businesses that their data is safe?
  • The Internet was designed to be free and open. Is it living up to that potential? What impact is this having on businesses and what can and should businesses be doing to rebuild trust in the web?
  • How concerned should businesses and individuals be with the safety of their data?
  • What should businesses do to protect themselves?
  • Will history show Snowden to be a hero or a villain?

You can listen to our podcast here.

If your business is dealing with issues relating to the NSA and privacy, our team is on hand to advise if you need help—to speak with a PEER 1 expert please contact us.

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