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Improving Performance with Magento Hosting - Webinar Replay

The bar for online eCommerce sites continues to rise. Consumers demand great web performance when shopping, and e-retailers that can’t deliver quick web page load times are seeing declining revenues. As a result, many merchants are looking for new ways to improve the speed and performance of their websites. What most e-retailers don’t realize is that they can dramatically increase the performance of their existing site by using a hosting solution optimized for their eCommerce platform of choice.

I recently hosted a webinar with Frank DiRocco, a product manager at Magento, to discuss how running Magento’s eCommerce platform on generic servers can open up performance risks for online sellers, translating into slow-loading pages, abandoned shopping carts and lost revenue. Peer 1’s Magento Optimized Hosting solution is designed to mitigate these risks by meeting Magento’s intense requirements, to deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability and ensure a fast shopping experience. It offers a predefined scalability path to maximize resources and ensure market growth is not compromised. Peer 1’s automated server deployment system will also pre-install all the necessary software, provide default configurations suitable for Magento and configure server software to match the resource utilization with existing hardware.

We also discussed whether e-retailers should use cloud hosting or managed hosting for their eCommerce site, as I’ve found that there are still many misconceptions about the differences between these two options. People tend to assume that cloud and managed servers will bring the same benefits to every organization. However, cloud and managed hosting solutions are actually very distinct and will behave differently for different workloads.

First, cloud environments offer greater flexibility to scale vertically, and make it quicker and easier to scale horizontally. Cloud servers can be deployed within just 15 minutes in most cases, so these hosting solutions will be well-suited to merchants that burst frequently and over short periods of time. Managed hosting environments, on the other hand, scale much more slowly, but offer huge cost savings per volume usage. Stable growing e-retailers will thus benefit from managed hosting the most.

Be sure to listen to the webinar replay here to learn more about Magento optimized hosting, as well as best practices for platform scalability, eCommerce store deployments and concurrency testing. If you have any additional questions, you can also visit our website for additional information or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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