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How to Keep Consumers Loyal to your Brand

During our eCommerce Futures event in NYC last week, Liza Kindred, Founder, Third Wave Fashion made an interesting point at the start of the day. She said brands are competing with international companies for sales and investment whether they have a physical market presence or not. This couldn’t be more true today with consumers able to shop so many companies online, but it begs the question, with consumers having access to thousands of brands at the touch of a keyboard, how do you keep consumers loyal?

Part of that goes back to our blog on Friday about creating a local experience, but it’s also about personalization and finding other ways to entice users. This can range from using different technologies like iBeacons, which can track how much time people are spending in stores and what they are looking at, to non-technical elements like having a great team in place that knows how to build and promote a compelling brand.

Another part of creating brand loyalty is being able to understand your customers – knowing why they buy and don’t buy, and what they buy. Graham Cooke, Founder, Qubit points out that online consumers have a 33 percent increased propensity to buy during lunchtime and that almost no one buys on their first visit.

Local holidays and traditions play into this as well. Lindsay Clifford-Smith, Global Head of eCommerce, Jimmy Choo, discussed how in Japan on Valentine’s Day, ladies give gifts to the men so it would be pointless to target men that day. Kindred added that Mother’s Day is a different day across the globe, so knowing when that holiday occurs in your different markets is key to giving a personal, targeted experience.

There are many different ways to keep consumers loyal to your brand, and the ones I’ve listed above simply scratch the surface. If you’re interesting in discussing more, feel free to reach out at 1.866.579.9690, and we’d be happy to chat with you further.

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