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The Growth of Wind Power and Green Hosting

Wind Power As both businesses and individuals become more focused on eco friendly power and caring for the environment it is crucial that we, as a society allow eco friendly energy creation methods to thrive. Many individuals are choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives in their everyday lives in order to minimize their carbon footprint. Unfortunately this doesn't always translate to doing so in their places of work, but the trend is shifting and more and more businesses are showing an awareness of their energy consumption across all levels of their infrastructure.

It's excellent news therefore that global wind power capacity has grown by 20% in 2012. It's inevitable that we must find greener, cleaner ways of generating electricity if we are to continue consuming it at our current rate. That's why green hosting is so important for the future of businesses and the well being of the planet. Total installed global wind power capacity now stands at an astounding 282 gigawatts (the UK alone provides 8.5 GW), and it's not the only method that has seen growth in recent years, in fact solar power has also seen an increase, at 100 GW it has grown by more than 200% in just two years. These figures obviously show a trend of an increasingly environmentally aware society, and a greater opportunity to take advantage of eco friendly business initiatives, allowing us all to take responsibility for our carbon footprints, and those of our businesses. If green power is becoming more widespread it becomes more accessible in all channels.

How can you make your business more environmentally friendly?

Across the board we're becoming more concerned with the impact our lives have on the planet, and it shouldn't end with our homes. All business people and entrepreneurs have a responsibility to ensure that the environmental impact of their businesses is no bigger that it need be, and there are a number of methods you can employ to minimize it.

Green hosting is just one of many initiatives you could utilize to ensure your business operates in a manner that has a minimal effect on the environment, and whether it's true green hosting or simply carbon offset hosting it still makes a difference. The energy bill globally for running servers stands at around $7.2 billion, and it is predicted that web hosting alone could rival the air travel industry in terms of pollution by 2020.

Other methods include e-marketing rather than postal, and evaluating the efficiency of offices also have a major impact on the environment.

All in all environmentally friendly business practices are now on the rise, and it's a fantastic time to get involved and make a real difference. Every company that employs green marketing strategies has the ability to impact the future of business as we know it, and the growth of green energy generation methods demonstrate a clear rising trend in the area. It's also highly attractive to consumers if a business they purchase from is shown to be environmentally aware, and can indeed drive new custom.

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