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Escape to Independence: get a new job

Get up. Go to work. Come home. Sleep.

When your job has started to become a continuous chore that makes one day indistinguishable from the next, it’s time to make a bid for freedom. 

What if you worked somewhere that tested your skills to the limit without wearing you down? Where every day presented new challenges that gave you a chance to shine? We think everyone should be able to make impossible dreams happen - for themselves, their colleagues and our customers - but still have fun along the way.

Take a look through the infographic to see how to have freedom at work:

Escape to Independence working with Peer 1 Hosting


Become one of our Peers and we’ll help you achieve independence:

Embracing opportunities

Anything is possible. We welcome people with an open mind and a ‘can do’ attitude. We’re always looking for new technologies, processes or methodologies that provide real world solutions for our clients. We hope you are too.

Helping you succeed

Learn from others. Watch the competition. We’ll let you craft your job to suit your strengths and work on the things that matter to you. We want you to follow your dreams as we work together to achieve global success.

Harnessing connections

You’re not a number on a sheet to us. We’ll engage with you and help you make the connections that build long and sustainable relationships, inside and outside work. After all, we’re in the business of interactions. That’s what makes us tick.

Losing the shoulder pads

Big cheeses can leave their egos at the door. Everyone has an equal voice at Peer 1 because it’s our mission to create a supportive and respectful workplace environment . We actively invite people who challenge and inspire.

These are the values we live by at Peer 1 Hosting. Everyone who works for us has tons of empowerment and the freedom to make choices that, ultimately, make them (and us) happy. It’s a philosophy that helps us recruit, and keep, the best talent in the industry.

We’re currently hiring on a global scale and looking for people from all disciplines. In particular, we’re looking for outstanding sales people that can translate the benefits of Peer 1 Hosting to new and existing clients worldwide.

Become one of our Peers and make every day Independence Day. 

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