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Research Shows eCommerce Decision Makers Betting on High-Quality User Experience

“How can we deliver an optimized online experience for end users that establishes trust in our brand and strengthens customer loyalty?” This question is top of mind for decision makers at eCommerce companies across the globe. The good news is, according to a new survey of eCommerce decision makers in the U.S., UK and Canada that we recently facilitated, a clear-cut answer is finally in sight. Spoiler alert: it has a lot to do with the human element of the online shopping experience.

Before conducting this research, we hypothesized that the quality of users’ online experiences have the most sway over a brand’s public perception. Come to find out, 76 percent of respondents agree! While we are not necessarily surprised by this result, it does underscore an important PEER 1 credence: Every interaction matters. After all, eight in 10 customers will not shop on a site that can’t deliver a faultless online shopping experience. Clearly, there’s a lot of revenue lost as a result of customer frustration, which of course can occur at any point throughout their visit, not just when they proceed to check out. That’s why 29 percent of e-retailers plan to invest in improving the overall user experience on their websites in the coming year.

Much of that investment will be dedicated to website design, as 33 percent believe this will help attain higher conversion rates in 2014. The only trouble is that 22 percent currently consider website design a barrier, which is a clear indicator that additional resources are needed in this area. To strike a balance in investment areas, it’s important for eCommerce decision makers to consider with whom and in what environment they are hosting their websites. They need a provider that not only supports their desire to provide users with the most personalized and human experience possible, but can also help them achieve this goal.

At PEER 1, we help global brands ensure the best possible performance online with our optimized and scalable eCommerce hosting offerings and infrastructure resources. We want to give eCommerce companies peace of mind knowing their website will be provisioned and scaled at the necessary rates to accommodate traffic fluctuations of all levels, especially during the holiday season, when two-thirds of total online revenue is obtained. With 86 percent reporting good or excellent conversion rates during the 2013 holiday season, and 65 percent experiencing more conversions than in 2012, just imagine what they can accomplish with a customer experience-centric hosting provider!

For a more detailed look at the results of this research, be sure to check out the full report, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date on this and other research and industry news!  

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About the Author

Scott Davis
VP, Customer Experience

For Scott, attitude is everything. It can be the difference between success and failure—between a happy customer and an unsatisfied one. The latter is not acceptable, and it’s Scott’s motto, how can I make your day, that drives the customer experience team at Peer 1 Hosting.

Scott believes in our vision of being the most human experience on the web, and that if you’re going to talk the talk of customer experience, you need to walk the walk. You need to respond to your customers’ issues quickly and with sincerity. You also need to realize that you’re not just there to fix a problem—you’re there to anticipate their future needs and remove potential roadblocks for them. Scott wants our customers to be able to focus on the possibilities of the Internet, not the problems. That’s the kind of thinking you want in a Vice President of Customer Experience.

Scott brings more than 25 years of global customer service experience to his role at Peer 1. He is responsible for leading a team of more than 100 front-line employees, ensuring the delivery of an exceptional experience to all our customers. Prior to joining Peer 1, Scott developed his art in customer service at companies both large and small, including AT&T, LexisNexis, TMP Worldwide and Sykes Enterprises.

It’s because of Scott’s experience, and his infectious positivity, that there is an entire team at Peer 1 asking: "How can I make your day?"


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