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Webinar: Cloud and Collaboration - Driving Your Business Value

In April 2013, we were very excited to add Mission Critical Cloud, an enterprise-grade VMware public cloud, to the Peer 1 cloud computing portfolio. Since then, Mission Critical Cloud has expanded to new locations, and we’ve launched additional capabilities to enable the best public cloud platform for companies requiring high availability and sophisticated functionality.

We’ve seen huge market interest in Mission Critical Cloud, and today, it is being used by some of the biggest names in eCommerce, gaming, mobile and Web publishing. I recently led a webinar about why these companies are having so much success with our VMware public cloud, and the benefits that it brings to each of their businesses.

We call Mission Critical Cloud enterprise-grade for a number of reasons. First, it’s redundant at every level to ensure business continuity. It also provides automatic rolling backups, advanced security, application orchestration, automation and access to our FastFiber Network, our fast, safe and always available network. Underpinning all of this is our dedicated customer service team, which is passionate about understanding customers’ business challenges and providing personalized consultations to help them scale and grow.

Those are great attributes for any organization’s public cloud environment, but we’ve seen the most uptake among large enterprise IT leaders and developers. Many need to simplify their IT infrastructure, either by finding an easier way to work on and deploy apps, or by transitioning legacy systems to the cloud, and Mission Critical Cloud can be optimized and tailored to support those projects. It’s also well-suited to manage Big Data and SQL workloads, cluster database environments and other enterprise architectures with stringent requirements.

Watch the full webinar now to learn more about the workloads and architectures that Mission Critical Cloud can support.

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